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on April 20, 2023
How You Know Your Deposition Went Well

If you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you know how overwhelming and stressful the aftermath can […]

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on April 15, 2023
How To Recognize Abuse in a Nursing Home

Many families in Illinois and nationwide rely on nursing homes to care for loved ones who can no longer live […]

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on April 1, 2023
What Happens at a Deposition?

When you suffered injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, your attorney will file an insurance claim against […]

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on March 13, 2023
The Responsibilities of Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and other long-term care facilities play a crucial role in the lives of many elderly and vulnerable individuals […]

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on March 10, 2023
What Is the Discovery Phase in a Lawsuit?

If you have suffered an injury in an accident due to another party’s wrongdoing, you may be eligible to recover […]

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on March 1, 2023
Nursing Home Regulation and Oversight

As our loved ones age, we entrust nursing homes and other long-term care facilities with the responsibility of providing the […]

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on February 20, 2023
What Happens After Your Lawyer Sends a Demand Letter?

Demand letters are an essential part of the legal process. When you have a dispute or issue you need to […]

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on February 10, 2023
Nursing Home Residents’ Rights

Nursing home residents have certain rights, regardless of age or medical condition. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) […]

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on January 15, 2023
How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid Out?

When you settle a personal injury case, the check you receive won’t be the same as the settlement amount you […]

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on January 1, 2023
Ensure Good Care for Your Relative in a Nursing Home

Moving your loved one into a nursing home can be scary and stressful. You know it’ll be good for them […]

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