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Serious accidents can leave families reeling and without the time and energy necessary to address the economic, physical, and emotional consequences of their accident. The legal team at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC knows just how difficult this time can be, and we want to help you aggressively pursue the compensation you need to help you recover from an accident you did nothing to cause.

Our experienced attorneys understand just how much may depend on the outcome of your legal claim. Fortunately, we have helped many clients just like you, and we are ready to put our years of experience and the full resources of our firm to work helping you and your family fight for the justice and compensation that you need.

To Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC Please accept my sincere appreciation for the services your agency provided to me and my family on the Jessie Palmer wrongful death cases. There were so many issues that needed to be resolved, and with your assistance we were able to finally get the diagnosis report printed. My stepdaughters asked me to thank you as well for the settlements they received from their father's estate. We humbly appreciate the wonderful job your firm did with our case. In the future we will refer family and friends to your agency.

- L.P.

Thank you so much for your diligent, professional, and thorough handling of my car accident settlement. You were beyond helpful, accommodating, and supportive during the process. You patiently explained, in detail, the procedures that would take place during the course of the claim. You continually updated me as progress was made and gave me in-depth details. Being that I was a novice to this type of practice, you advised me as to what was realistic, yet fair, as far as when, how, and monetarily the claim would be settled. When an offer was made, you advised me accordingly, and counter-offered for what you believed to be a reasonable and objective settlement. Beyond that, you also worked determinedly to reduce my medical claims and had great success. An attorney friend of mine went as far to say that you “hit a home run” when you negotiated my settlement. I want you to know how much your guidance and attentiveness to my claim meant to me. I will definitely recommend you and your firm should any of my acquaintances need legal advice in the future.

- J.W.

Jonathan Fleisher was more than just my lawyer. He was my advocate and was very thorough with my case. Communication was well furnished which made for an easy process. Mr. Fleisher fought for my rights and did so justly with much empathy and compassion. I am more than elated with the outcome and how my case was handled by Mr. Fleisher. I would highly recommend him to friends , family or anyone who wants someone who will work diligently on their case. I appreciate and am very thankful for Mr. Jonathan Fleisher

- K.T.

Over the past couple of years I have had the privilege of Mr.Jonathan Fleisher representing me for a personal injury case that has greatly impacted my life. Mr. Fleisher fought hard and diligently on my behalf and always kept my best interests in mind. It has been truly refreshing as well as a blessing to have someone this skillful and professional buckling down and making sure every detail is captured to support my case. He has delivered exceptional service and I would recommend him to anyone that needs a personal injury attorney.

- G.B.

Dear J.B. , I wanted to thank you, for the job you did on my case. You were not only an excellent lawyer, you were a friend along the way as well. You always promptly called me, addressing my questions and concerns. As far as my settlement goes, I couldn’t have expected more then you got for me. Many lawyers “brag” , about the amount of settlements they get for their clients, on their T.V. commercials . You, got me more then these lawyers “brag” about. Thank you for getting me such a strong settlement, and being a friend as well, along the way. I’d be more then happy to talk to anyone who would like to know , what a fine attorney you are. Thank you for being there for me. Sincerely,

- J.F.

Our Practice Areas

If you or someone you love was hurt in an accident that was caused by someone else, our legal team wants to help you hold the responsible party accountable for all that they’ve put you through.

An accident that causes serious injury can have lasting repercussions on your life and the lives of your family members. Many people do not realize that following a serious accident, injuries and impairment may last long after just the initial hospital stay, often affecting the individual’s ability to work and provide for themselves and their families.

With that in mind, it is clear that choosing an attorney is one of the most important decisions an injured individual and their family can make. When it comes to handling serious injury cases, experience matters and compassion is key. You need someone who understands what you are going through, and knows the long-term struggles that you may face if you do not get the compensation you rightfully deserve. You also need a lawyer who can explain the often complicated and confusing legal process, and can help reassure you in times of doubt and stress.

Why Choose Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC?

That’s exactly why so many injured individuals in Chicago have called upon Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC. to represent them in their greatest time of need. The difference to many people is clear: our attorneys will fight to get you the best results for your case, no matter how large or small the matter might be. We know that your claim matters to you and your family, and a positive result will make a difference for a lifetime.

Since 1970, we have dedicated our lives to fighting for Chicago citizens who have been injured in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another individual or party. Whether you have been hurt in a car accident, slip-and-fall accident, or other serious incident, we’re here to help. If the unthinkable has happened and someone close to you passed away due to someone’s irresponsible actions, we have the experience necessary to hold them accountable and make sure that your family gets the justice they deserve.

Compensation for Your Injury Claim

Has your loved one suffered abuse or neglect in a nursing home? The experienced nursing home abuse attorneys of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC are ready to help you put a stop to this treatment and hold the negligent caregivers responsible. While any older adult is at risk of abuse at the hands of their caregivers, those who are in nursing homes or elder care facilities are at higher risk of neglect or abuse at the hands of untrained, overworked, or uncaring staff members. Don't wait until it is too late to take action to stop this abuse and prevent it from happening to others. It is critical that you contact an attorney to discuss your concerns immediately.

According to Illinois law, if a person causes you harm through their reckless, negligent, or intentional actions, you may be able to secure compensation for your medical bills, therapy costs, wages lost from time off of work, and other damages. At Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC we firmly believe that you should not have to pay for the costs of an accident that you did nothing to cause, and you should not have to suffer the pain and anguish without receiving some form of compensation for what you are going through. Justice must be served, and we will fight tirelessly on behalf of you and your family, just as we have for over forty years.

Together, we have recovered over $400 million on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their quality of life will not be harmed after a serious accident, and ensuring that the families of those hurt or killed in an accident will not suffer additional anguish in its aftermath. That’s the commitment we’ve made to our friends, neighbors, and colleagues here in Chicago and the surrounding areas, and we look to honor that commitment in every case we take.

Frequently Asked Personal Injury Questions

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in Chicago, you likely have many questions about your rights, your legal options, and how the law works in Illinois. We have provided a few personal injury questions below, and if you do not see the answer to your question on this list, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately for answers to your injury inquiry at (312) 346-8620.

How do I know how much my claim is worth?

It is not possible to know precisely how much your claim is worth until you speak with an attorney and the details of your case has been investigated. However, if you have been hurt in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another person or party, you may be entitled to financial compensation for past, present, and future medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and future income loss, replacement costs for property that was damaged or destroyed, loss of companionship or counsel, and additional punitive damages. By consulting with an attorney who has handled these types of cases before, you will be able to get a better idea of what compensation you might be owed and how much your case might be worth. Contact an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC today.

Do I need to hire an attorney?

Some people attempt to resolve their injury claims on their own and often, insurance company representatives encourage them to do so. This is often a mistake since the average person is usually unfamiliar with the nuances of personal injury law and is not trained in evaluating the actual value of a case. With an experienced attorney on your side, your chances of recovering the fair amount that you are owed increases dramatically. Also, who wants to deal with legal issues while also focusing on recovery? When you work with an experienced law firm, you will be free to relax, recover, and spend time with your loved ones while your legal team does the hard work on your behalf.

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by a reckless driver, or if you have been hurt on a construction site, or if you have been harmed by the carelessness of a doctor, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim. You should not have to suffer due to someone else’s reckless or intentionally dangerous behavior, and you can make sure that justice is served. By hiring an experienced personal injury attorney who has an extensive knowledge of Illinois law, you can rest easier knowing that your life and livelihood will be protected.

We know that you never expected this accident to happen to you, nor did you prepare for the costs associated with a serious accident. We are here to fight on your behalf and make sure that this devastating event does not cause you additional suffering as you try to move on with your life. Turn to the legal team that has helped so many other people in Chicago, and let us help you get back on your feet.

What do I get when I hire Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC to represent me?

When you hire Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, you are hiring a firm with the experience and resources to secure the compensation that you are owed if you’ve been hurt in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois. You have a firm with the experience, track record of success, and reputation for helping injured individuals for almost fifty years. Take a look at our successful, multi-million verdicts on behalf of people just like you, and you can see that our dedication and commitment to excellence extends to every person who hires us. Why choose anyone else?

Personal Injury Statistics in the United States

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA), 31 million people are hurt in accidents each year and require treatment for their injuries. Two million of those individuals were seriously hurt and needed to be transported by emergency personnel to a local hospital for treatment. Out of that group, 162,000 of those accidents proved to be fatal.

  • There are 3 million injury accidents on U.S. roadways each year, and 40,000 of those injury accidents prove to be fatal. 60,000 injuries are directly related to 18-wheeler and large commercial vehicles in the United States, and those accidents kill nearly 5,000 people every year.
  • 300,000 workers are injured on construction sites on a yearly basis, and 1,000 workers die as a result of accidents at work.
  • Finally, medical malpractice claims the lives of nearly 100,000 people every year in the United States.

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports that there are approximately 1,200 nursing home facilities in the state, housing more than 100,000 residents. Studies currently show that some form of abuse has been discovered in 30% of all nursing homes across the United States. This often can be attributed to understaffing (90% do not have enough staff to provide adequate care), poor training, and low salaries for employees (the average salary for a certified nursing care assistant is $23,193 per year). Nevertheless, the mistreatment of nursing home residents is inexcusable. Victims and their families are able fight back, and Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC can help.

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