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056_DWP6247By the time a product finally makes its way into the hands of the consumer, one of the most basic assumptions we should be able to make is that the product will be safe. While most products end up being completely risk-free as long as they are used as intended, dangerous products do make their way to market and cause people to sustain serious, if not life-threatening, injuries every year.

If you or someone you love has been affected by a dangerous product, we can help. At Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, our Chicago product liability (dangerous products) lawyers know just how catastrophic these accidents can be, and we can take the legal action necessary to pursue compensation from the company responsible for all your pain and suffering.

Defective Household Appliance

As obvious as it should be, companies that design and manufacture appliances for the household need to take special care to make sure their products are actually safe to be used by homeowners. That means that these companies are responsible for properly testing their products before they are ever sold to consumers, and promptly recalling their products in the event a dangerous defect is discovered after their product is already on the market.

Toxic Food Products and Containers

It is difficult to think of a responsibility more fundamental to members of the food industry than the safety of their products. Nonetheless, there are significant food recalls every year, though the recall is usually only initiated after a number of people have already been hurt by the toxic food product or container. These accidents are almost always preventable, and negligent companies should be held accountable for not protecting their consumers.

Dangerous Childcare Products and Toys

Few accidents that are caused by dangerous products are as horrendous as those involving childcare products and toys. When serious accidents are caused by dangerous childcare products or toys, it is important to hold these companies accountable for all the pain and suffering families experience as a result of their negligence. Aside from the compensation we may be able to help you recover, your lawsuit may help reduce the likelihood of accidents like this occurring in the future.

Dangerous Drugs

Pharmaceutical manufacturers will do just about anything they can to make sure their product makes its way to market at the earliest possible date. Unfortunately, this also means that some drugs end up being approved by the FDA that are later found to be dangerous, but drug companies are ultimately responsible for testing the safety of their own drugs. When these drugs cause harm to people who take them, pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for the pain and suffering caused by their product.

Defective Vehicles

The negligence of the automotive industry has prompted some of the most significant product recalls in the history of the United States. Despite the aggressive stance that federal regulators have taken with companies that fail to protect their customers, there are car makers that still fail to uphold their duty to design and manufacture safe vehicles. That being said, members of the automotive industry can and should be held financially liable for accidents caused by defective vehicles.

Manufacturing Defects

Even when a product has been properly designed, manufacturing errors may cause at least some of the products to be defective. Since these defects may be more isolated—it is possible that only a handful of products were affected—these defects may not get the same kind of publicity that broader design defects receive. Bearing that in mind, you should contact an attorney if you believe that you or a loved one was hurt by a product that was not properly manufactured.

Design Defects

When a defect is fundamental to the very design of a product, every single product that has been manufactured will be defective. These kind of widespread defects are the ones we hear the most about on the news—for instance, vehicles are usually recalled to deal with design defects. If you or someone you love was hurt by a product with a design defect, your claim will be important to spreading awareness of the problem and to holding the company responsible for their negligence.

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