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083_DWP6378As inherently dangerous as construction sites can be, many of these risks can be significantly mitigated when contractors adhere to safety regulations and enforce safe working practices at the work site. That being said, serious construction accidents do occur with unnerving regularity in Chicago, oftentimes leaving workers and their families without the financial means that they will need to deal with the serious consequences of their accident.

If you or a loved one was hurt while working at a construction site, the Chicago construction accident attorneys at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC can help you take any legal action that may be necessary to pursue compensation for the injuries you or a loved one sustained at work. Bearing that in mind, we can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim and then help you develop any other claim you may be eligible to pursue against your employer or third-party contractor.

Slip and Fall Accidents

While it should be obvious enough that walkways on the ground should be clear of obstruction, special care must be taken to make sure the movement of workers will not be impeded in any of the work areas they are supposed to navigate. That being said, employers must do everything they can to make sure areas like scaffolding and beams are clear from obstruction in order to allow workers to safely walk around the work site.

Elevated Falls

Workers who are required to be at an elevated position to do their job must be provided with appropriate safety equipment that can protect them in the event of an accidental fall. Even when employers provide their workers with the safety equipment needed to avoid a truly catastrophic accident—a harness may reduce what would be a 40 ft. fall to 5 ft fall, for instance—there is still a good chance the worker may be injured by the safety equipment itself. In instances of elevated falls in construction sites, our legal team can help victims take action.

Crane Collapse

It is difficult to imagine a set of circumstances under which a crane would collapse that is not also associated with some form of negligence. Sadly, these thoroughly preventable accidents do occur and they do cause catastrophic injuries. Bearing that in mind, we know just how much may be at stake with your claim, and we can help you determine exactly what compensation you and your family are able to pursue, aside from your workers’ compensation claim.


Since so much of the electrical infrastructure on a construction site will be exposed until the work is completed, special care must be taken to ensure workers are aware of and protected from any electric lines they will be working near. Construction companies and property owners alike should know the danger posed by exposed electrical infrastructures, and each must do everything they can to prevent workers from coming into contact with these lines.

Vehicle Accidents

Since vehicles will need to move in and out of the construction site on a regular basis, there should be well-established protocols regarding how, when, and where those vehicles can operate. When these accidents do happen, it is important that all of the facts about the accident are collected so that you will be able to determine whether any of those protocols were broken, particularly if the vehicle was operated by a third-party contractor who may share responsibility for the accident.

Falling Equipment

Though it should really go without saying, construction equipment that is being used or hoisted above workers’ heads must either be properly fastened or connected to safety equipment that will stop if from falling onto workers below. The kind of injuries associated with these accidents can be severe, particularly when those incidents involve injuries to the head, and will most likely require prolonged medical care and extended absence from work.

Back Injury

All the heavy lifting that construction workers need to do on the job, along with any number of other work duties that may put undue strain on the spine, can cause construction workers to sustain serious back injuries. Depending on the extent of the injury, some workers may not be able to return to work and will need to be retrained in a new position or capacity. We can help you explore every form of compensation available to help you overcome the circumstances of your injury.

Head/Brain Injury

Even when wearing hard hats, construction workers are still at risk of sustaining serious head and brain injuries. Whether the accident was caused by a piece of falling equipment or by any of the other hazards that are inherent to a construction site, accident victims will generally be able to file a workers’ compensation claim that can offset some of the costs they will be dealing with in coming months, if not years, after the accident. In any case, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve in the wake of your head injury.

Consult with a Construction Accident Attorney in Chicago

If you or someone you love was hurt in a construction accident, regardless of the circumstances of the accident itself, you will likely be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim to help cover the costs of your care and the income you lose while you recover. In any event, we can help you explore all of your legal options and help you take the legal action necessary to pursue any and all compensation available to you. To speak with an attorney about the particular circumstances of your claim, please call our Chicago offices at (312) 346-8620 today.