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Construction site accidents pose a serious threat for all construction workers. These accidents can have a wide variety of causes, including distraction, carelessness, negligence, as well as other risks involved with large machinery and heavy materials. A common construction site accident is falls, which cause 15% of all accidental deaths. Although the most common type of falls are slip and fall accidents, the most dangerous type are elevated falls. These falls can result in serious injuries or, in the worst cases, death.

In some cases, elevated falls cannot be prevented. However, at other times, these falls result from a problem or threat that is preventable. This indicates serious neglect of worksite safety, which places all employees at risk. It is your employer’s job to ensure that a construction site is as safe as possible, and when they fail to do this, they should face the consequences. If you or a loved one has been injured in an elevated fall, the attorneys at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC will fight with you to help you receive the compensation you need.

Causes of Elevated Falls

Elevated falls differ from slip and fall accidents based on the height from which you fall. Typically, slip and fall accidents occur at ground level, whereas elevated falls occur when you fall from an object that is above the ground. Elevated falls make up approximately 40% of all construction site falls. Despite their less frequent occurrence, they are significantly more dangerous since there is an increased risk when falling from any height. The most common causes of elevated falls at a construction site include:

  • Improper ladder maintenance or setup
  • Lack of sturdy railings on stairs or other high locations
  • Slippery or cracked ramps on loading docks and trucks
  • Lack of appropriate lighting
  • Inappropriate footwear
  • Lack of proper safety instructions
  • Equipment malfunctions or damaged equipment
  • Obstructions in the walkway

Falls from an elevated object most commonly cause broken bones as well as injury to the spine, head, chest, abdomen, and pelvis. Most of these injuries require immediate medical care and often necessitate rehabilitation after healing. Treatment for these injuries as well as time away from work may cost you and your family an estimated $40,000 over the time of your recovery process.

Contact a Chicago Elevated Falls Attorney

Elevated falls are dangerous and can be devastating physically, emotionally, and financially for you and your family. If your fall occurred due to your employer’s neglect of proper safety precautions, they should face the consequences. A Chicago elevated fall attorney at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC is ready to make your employer take responsibility for their actions and help you receive justice. To discuss the specifics of your injury, contact us at 312-346-8620 today.

Written by Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC Last Updated : June 29, 2017