Potentially contaminated chocolate products recalled

An Iowa-based company issued a voluntary recall on January 9 on some of their chocolate products after determining they might be contaminated with harmful salmonella. The bacteria could cause serious or fatal illness to consumers, an article of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration reported.

The recall affects various chocolate products manufactured by Palmer Candy Company. The recall was issued after Palmer Candy was notified by one of their suppliers that the milk powder used in the affected products supplied nationwide could contain salmonella. Neither the recalling company nor the FDA have received any reports of illnesses linked to the affected chocolate products. Consumers who might have purchased the chocolate were advised to discard it or return it to where they bought it for their money back.

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Thousands of potentially faulty strollers with injury risks recalled in US

A December 20 article of the CPSC revealed that approximately 29,400 infant strollers sold in the U.S. are under recall by a Massachusetts-based company due to complaints that they may cause harm to intended users.

The “Qbit strollers” imported by Aria Child Inc., may cause personal injuries to the caregiver and the infant occupying the stroller. According to the recall, at least five stroller models of Qbit have a space on the side hinge that could cause laceration hazards. The strollers could also fail during use, which may result in babies suffering fall injuries if the stroller unexpectedly collapses. Aria Child received 71 reports of malfunctioning strollers resulting in 12 babies sustaining injuries and five caregivers getting injured by the side hinge. The importer is expected to address the issue by replacing the potentially faulty strollers for free.

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Millions of possibly defective smoke and gas detectors recalled in the US

A North Carolina-based company has issued a recall to estimated 3.6 million units of 2-in-1 alarms in the U.S., due to risks that it could malfunction and cause serious injuries to consumers who have it in their homes, a report of the cpsc.gov reported on November 10.

Reports said, the NightHawk “smoke/CO alarms” of Kidde may improperly work if batteries are replaced. Consumers who have replaced the batteries of the affected smoke and gas detectors after its seven-year battery lifespan may assume that the products are still working properly. The problem could result in failure to alert homeowners when a fire broke out or a gas has leaked. Though there were no injuries or accidents linked to the affected Kidde alarms, the recalling company has received eight malfunctioning detector complaints. Consumers were advised to avoid using the defective products and coordinate with Kidde for a free product replacement.

Serious personal injuries and property loss could result if smoke and gas detector products malfunctions. However, if you have been harmed as a result of using a defective product in Chicago, an attorney at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC may help you file a legal claim against negligent parties. Find out how we may possibly help you recover your loss today by calling (312) 346-8620.

Thousands of possibly defective booster seats recalled in the U.S.

Ohio-based Evenflo is recalling approximately 30,000 combination car and booster seats in the U.S. and Canada after it received reports that children are able to loosen the safety belts on their own. A federal agency found that children are at high risk of sustaining injuries when they aren’t properly strapped into their car seats, according to a report from CBS News on September 21.

According to reports, the recall covers three models of Evenflo “Evolve 3-in-1” booster seats that were made before February 2016. The affected booster seats reportedly have harnesses that can be loosened by occupants without the supervision of an adult. Evenflo was notified of 27 incidents of the harnesses being loosened by children. There were no injuries reported before the recall was issued. Starting September 26, Evenflo began notifying owners to get the repair kit for their booster seats.

Car and booster seats are designed to help keep kids safe in the event of an accident. However, if kids are able to loosen their harnesses, the car seats are rendered useless and their safety can be seriously compromised. If this happens to a loved one, a skilled Chicago product liability attorney could help you figure out if negligent parties are liable. Find out how an attorney at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, may possibly help you recover your loss today by calling (312) 346-8620.

Baby toys in the U.S. and Canada with choking risks recalled

Approximately 91,000 units of baby toys sold in the U.S. and Canada are being recalled due to small parts that babies could accidentally swallow and choke on, an article of the cpsc.gov reported on August 23.

The recall affects the “Alex Jr. Baby Builder,” “First Pops,” and “First Snaps” play sets, which contain small plastic parts that can detach from the sets. If the problem occurs, intended users of the toys are at high risk of sustaining injuries related to choking if they accidentally swallow the detached parts. Though no one was reportedly injured before the recall was issued, Alex Toys has received 22 complaints of parts that separated. Consumers who purchased the affected products were advised to keep the toys out of the reach of children and return them to the place of purchase to get their money back.

Parents are often devastated when their babies suffer injuries as a result of using defective children products. If you were a product liability victim in Chicago, an attorney at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC may be able to help you obtain the financial assistance you need for treatment. Begin taking your legal action against negligent parties today by calling (312) 346-8620.

Written by Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC Last Updated : May 21, 2019