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Ask any credible medical professional about serious diseases, conditions, or injuries, and they will all tell you the same thing: time is of the essence. Doctors across the nation emphasize the importance of swift action. We are all told to seek medical help the moment a problem arises. Tragically, sometimes healthcare professionals, not patients, cause delayed treatment. Doctors, along with nurses and other healthcare employees, can put innocent people at risk when they do not deliver diagnoses and treatments in a timely manner.

When you go to a hospital for medical help, you expect a certain standard of care. You assume your doctors are skilled and knowledgeable. You assume the nurses are trained and focused. You assume the clerical staff members are attentive and careful. Illinois law also expects these basic levels of competence. The delayed treatment attorneys at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC understand that healthcare professionals who cause harm to their patients through negligence or improper care can be held responsible for medical malpractice.

Common Causes of Delayed Treatment

Delayed treatment can occur when a patient is either misdiagnosed, incorrectly treated, or neglected after a correct diagnosis. If you are misdiagnosed initially, you probably won’t receive the treatment you actually need. The same holds true for incorrect treatment. You might also simply be forgotten by a hospital staff. Patients rely on a large system of information relay to receive timely, proper treatment. If even one health care professional makes a mistake, you might not receive your treatment until it’s too late. Delayed treatment can be caused by:

  • A clerical error at any level
  • A mistake during a shift change for doctors or nurses
  • Hospital labs failing to alert doctors to test results
  • Doctors failing to carefully review patient history
  • Nurses starting the incorrect treatment

Patients can suffer greatly when their treatments are delayed. Consider how quickly cancers can spread. Treatable cervical cancer can swiftly become lethal if you are not diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Pregnancy complications are also attached to a strict timeline. Left untreated, problems can put the mother and the child both at extreme risk.

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