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When you purchase car insurance, you receive two primary benefits. One is financial coverage in the event of an unforeseeable accident. The other is the peace of mind you enjoy on a daily basis thanks to that coverage. Drivers all across Illinois set aside their anxieties about catastrophically high repair bills after they buy an insurance policy. Unfortunately, even loyal clients who regularly pay their premiums sometimes find themselves in debt after an auto accident, confused about why they were not adequately covered.

The costs of a car accident can be devastating in emotional, physical, and, financial terms. When your insurance company or the company of another driver fails to cover the monetary costs of your accident, the aftermath of the collision can cause you even more pain. The dedicated insurance claims attorneys at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC understand that receiving adequate compensation for your auto accident can mean the difference between moving on with your life and facing mountains of debt. Our experienced legal team can navigate the complex world of insurance claims and help get you the payments you deserve after a car accident.

Insurance Claim Issues

Many people trust their insurance company to faithfully follow the terms of their policy after an accident. We tend to forget that these are businesses seeking profits and they may be motivated to pay you less than you deserve to protect their own bottom line. To make matters more difficult, an auto accident can involve more than one driver, which can mean dealing with more than one insurance company. How can you trust that another business, one that does not get premium payments from you, will treat you fairly?

When your auto accident insurance claim is being handled behind closed doors, it can be impossible to tell whether you are being represented fairly. Individuals with insurance can face many problems as they file their claims. Some common issues include the following:

  • The involved insurance companies incorrectly determine your percentage of fault. Since Illinois is a “comparative negligence” state, the monetary amount of your payout depends directly on how much you were at fault for the accident.
  • Your insurance company somehow acts in bad faith. Bad faith insurance can occur when a company unjustly denies or reduces your claim.
  • Another driver involved in the crash was uninsured or under-insured. Your insurance company might have to be the one to pay you even if you were not at fault.

Filing an insurance claim involves quite a bit of bureaucracy. The details of your accident have to be recorded, evidence has to be collected, your claim has to pass back and forth among departments, and your policy has to be reviewed. Having an insurance claims attorney at your side for this complicated process can give you the assurance you need—you can finally be confident that someone is fighting for you.

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