Baby toys in the U.S. and Canada with choking risks recalled

Approximately 91,000 units of baby toys sold in the U.S. and Canada are being recalled due to small parts that babies could accidentally swallow and choke on, an article of the reported on August 23.

The recall affects the “Alex Jr. Baby Builder,” “First Pops,” and “First Snaps” play sets, which contain small plastic parts that can detach from the sets. If the problem occurs, intended users of the toys are at high risk of sustaining injuries related to choking if they accidentally swallow the detached parts. Though no one was reportedly injured before the recall was issued, Alex Toys has received 22 complaints of parts that separated. Consumers who purchased the affected products were advised to keep the toys out of the reach of children and return them to the place of purchase to get their money back.

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Written by Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC Last Updated : December 4, 2023