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Stairs are a daily necessity in Chicago and all across the United States. Whether you are heading down to help a friend declutter their basement or climbing up a stairwell to get to the second floor of an office building, you are one of many people casually using stairs to get from one place to another. People climbing up and down stairs during their daily routines do not often take notice of these structures. However, if you are a property owner, you are legally obligated to pay much closer attention to any stairs on your premises.

Stair collapse is a catastrophic event that can injure and even kill innocent people. This is why property owners are accountable for properly installing and maintaining their stairs. The stair collapse attorneys at Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC understand that property owners are responsible for taking reasonable measures to ensure the safety of visitors to their premises. Under premises liability law, victims who are injured on a negligent owner’s property are entitled to seek financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, suffering, and lost work wages.

Common Causes of Stair Collapse

Like any other building structure, stairs have many important components. Specific materials, such as wood and nails, fit together a certain way to support the weight of people climbing and descending. When any one thing is incorrectly installed, it can compromise the entire set of stairs. Furthermore, stairs might become hazardous over time as materials weaken.

Precisely because many factors can cause stair collapse, property owners need to check their stairs regularly and perform routine maintenance. Negligence and oversight can create unsafe conditions that can cause stairs to collapse when people attempt to use them. A few common causes of stair collapse include:

  • Shoddy workmanship
  • Unfit materials used in construction
  • Rotten wood
  • Cracks in steps that are never replaced
  • Poorly installed supports
  • Weather damage

Any one of these problems can make a stairway collapse unexpectedly. When a stairway is poorly constructed and seldom maintained, problems tend to multiply, making a collapse more and more likely.

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